Theuma’s creator

Mona has organised several fantasy larp series and has helped to gamemaster many others. Along with hundreds of larp setting pages, Mona’s fingers are also pretty good with costumes. She is the creative leader of Caravan and the main doer of things. In real life she works in an office. Her hobbies are various handicrafts and hanging out on the interwebs.


Website fairy

Maarja has created two larp series and many small experimental larps. In the Caravan team she is the main wrangler of the website. In real life she writes code and pokes computers. Her hobbies include books, board games and writing.


Larp engineer

Siim has also organised larps before (a fantasy series and a few sci-fi themed larps). Siim is responsible for turning Caravan into a game: he works on rules and designing game mechanics. In real life Siim studies mathematical statistics and gene technology in university. His hobbies are martial arts, hiking and board games.



Martin has been in the organising team of a few larps and is an active game master of tabletop role play games. In the Caravan team he writes stories and in-world materials and helps out where necessary. In real life Martin translates books and games. His main hobbies are literature, writing and board games.


She who defeats slips of tongue

Iti has volunteered in the organization of various games and events, but the Caravan series is her debut as a game master. In the Caravan team she is the main editor. In real life Iti translates and lives on top of a huge pile of socks. Her hobbies are adventuring and reminding of the diversity of worldviews.


Art department


Other helpers