Caravan III: Eve of Endings

After a long journey through the deep and shadowy woods, the caravan emerges once again into sunshine. Shrubberies and small groves intertwine with rolling meadows dressed in autumn gold. The wagons often pass by fields busy with lively harvest. As the caravan thunders past, local farmers stretch their backs for a moment and look on, curious. At night, the lights of the caravan are echoed by small embers here and there: the homes of the hardy settlers of the Borderlands, comforting and cozy shelters in the darkened landscape.

Several months have passed since the caravan left the shrine of Terhent. The citadel in Raghel draws near and Empire legionaries are seen patrolling the roads. The caravan stops briefly in village taverns where the crowd is often divided in two: freelanders sit on one side, leontite natives on the other. Sometimes those inns turn into friendly cultural melting pots, other times the air is thick with tension and mistrust.

But before reaching the fortress of Raghel, an important Free Lands holiday awaits - the Eve of Endings, devoted to Zer-Nim the Doombringer. Anera, the caravan’s guide, has heard of a local village that hosts festivities and a solemn rite in honor of Zer-Nim. People gather from near and far to the village right on the path of our travellers - the caravan decides to stop by and leave all bad things behind on the Eve of Endings, in order to carry on with clean hearts and good fortune. Besides, this is a good opportunity to witness the customs and traditions of the Free Lands and enjoy the merriment of the party, to boot!


The third game in the Caravan LARP series: Eve of Endings. The caravan has reached a freelander village that is hosting a great celebration in honor of the doom god Zer-Nim: the Eve of Endings. Travellers may use this opportunity to taste some good brews in the village tavern, venture onto the dance grounds, talk and trade with villagers and participate in the customs of the Free Lands. Naturally, the adventurers might also encounter the darker side of village society, such as mystical secrets or more earthly intrigue.


12.-13. October 2019. The game takes place on Saturday, from noon to late evening.


Pärna holiday village, Taevere, Viljandi county

The closest train stop is Olustvere, 7 kilometers away.


Registration is open from 24. June. Registration is confirmed upon ticket payment. The maximum number of players is 40, the game takes place with a minimum of 30 participants.

Registration is closed when all player spots are full, but no later than 25. August. NPC registration closes on 31. August.

Registration is currently open!

Ticket Prices

We ask you to pay the ticket price as soon as you receive payment information, as only a successful payment guarantees a spot at the game. If you cannot transfer all of the ticket price at once, it is possible to pay in several installments. Please contact the game masters for further information.

Family tickets are available! If you wish to attend with children younger than 14, please write to

The Caravan game masters offer two sponsored tickets by default. If you wish to apply for a cheaper ticket, you must register by 31. July. After that date, sponsored tickets are assigned to applicants via lottery.

What will I get for this?

The ticket price guarantees:

Sauna is available on location! If you are interested, please notify the GMs before the event.

Although the series tells the tale of a caravan, the LARP includes as much or as little walking as desired. The caravan travels between the games.


Accommodation spaces are rooms with heating. Please bring your own equipment to sleep on the floor. Accommodation in an authentic farm bed may be acquired for an additional fee of 15 euros (pillow, blanket and sheets included, no need to bring anything).


One hot meal Saturday evening. The menu provides for both omnivores and vegetarians/vegans.

Snacks and cold and warm drinks are offered throughout the pre-game and game itself.


We expect foreign players to participate, so the game uses both Estonian and English. If no visitors are present, we will play in Estonian.


All interested players are welcome, big or small. Participants younger than 14 are allowed only when accompanied by an adult. Underage participants who are older than 14 and come alone must provide written permission of a parent, either before the event or on location before game start. The form will be provided if necessary.