Caravan II: Heart of the Forest

It has been two months since the caravan set out from the port town of Aren. The travellers’ wagons have rolled across the rocky wasteland west of the Sky Mountains, through the harsh forests in the Empire’s border region and passed by the rare fields of settlers fighting to survive in the wild lands. The small bundle of farmer houses at Leukas and the fortified village surrounding the shrine at Imanre are now behind them. In these settlements members of the caravan offered their goods as well as news. Some travellers left on their own path to be replaced by others travelling northward.

The nature surrounding the trade route is now becoming more wild. One early morning, the caravan enters an ancient forest where the trees crowd close around the road, as if angry at the axes of pathfinders and the invasion of civilisation. The open terrain and wide vistas give way to a wall of greenery that constantly surrounds the travellers. During the day, the caravan is accompanied by birdsong and the alchemists of the group find ample opportunities to replenish their supplies. The night is full of strange animal cries and old freelander legends are told around campfires. Many a traveller prays to Rhen-Apa, Parendi or Darsilis to bless their journey in these parts.

Indeed, a good opportunity to address the gods will soon present itself, for the next stop along the route lies near an altar to Terhent - a small freehold amid the woods, where Anja, the caravan’s guide, plans to meet an acquaintance…


The second game in the Caravan LARP series: Heart of the Forest.


October 6th - 7th 2018. The game takes place from Saturday afternoon to late evening.


Pätsuloigu farm, Harjumaa county


Regisration opens July 1st. You will be registered when you have paid for the event. There are 30 player spots.

Registration is over.

Ticket Prices

Please pay as soon as you receive the payment information.

What will I get for this?

A house to sleep in, one hot meal on game day and other food and drinks during the game. Sauna will be available after the game.

In addition to that lovely NPCs and props. Note that while our larp series is about a caravan, the larp itself will contain as little or as much walking as you personally want. The caravan travels between the events.


There are heated rooms for sleeping. Mattresses are available. You may also bring your own tent and camp.

One warm meal in the early evening.

Snacks and cold and warm drinks during pre-game and the game itself.


All game materials will be provided in Estonian and English. Depending on the amount of English-speaking participants, we will play the whole larp or parts of it in English. In the second case, a translator will be made available for you if needed.

What happened?

On a rainy autumn day the caravan stopped at a freehold near an altar of Terhent, where Anja, the caravan’s guide was hoping to meet acquaintances to ask for advice about their journey. Instead they found three wulvers who had taken over the small house at the edge of the forest. They told the travelers that the herbalist Dagur, the one Anja was hoping to meet, was missing. The wulvers suspected the Free Lands caster Reven and had chased him into the forest. The travelers also discovered that Terhent’s altar had been desecrated: Saint Nikephora’s gravestone had been broken apart and the pieces taken. Many of the noble and pious adventurers decided to restore the sacred place, as others began to look for Dagur.

The adventurers fought both bandits and strange wooden creatures who refused to go down easily. Soon enough Reven was found. The caster denied all of the wulvers’ accusations and divulged that he was involved in important research, for which he needed the heart of a man-eating plant growing in the deepest wood. Reven explained that the flower of the plant would only open at certain times and promised to take the travelers to it.

Meanwhile the adventurers who had stayed at the house made their way into Reven’s workshop, where the caster had built the wooden creatures and attempted to infuse them with souls. From his notes it became clear the heart of an unique plant was needed for this. This plant was capable of thought, speech and controlling other beings. Those helping Terhent found that one part of the gravestone was held by the Free Lander bandits who were also responsible for profaning the Imperial shrine. Another part was in the possession of a merchant of religious goods. The specter of Arethas Strano, Saint Nikephora’s legendary opponent had risen from his grave as a result of the desecration. Once upon a time Nikephora had died after her defeat of Strano and his followers. The grave needed to be sanctified once more, and was the finding place of the last part of the gravestone. The adventurers gathered all the pieces and also captured the bandits’ leader, a man who had been looking for a mythical theumite treasure in the forest.

As the day went on, Reven lead a small company to the infamous plant, where it became clear that the plant could indeed speak - which it did, disturbingly, through the mouth of the devoured Dagur. Reven encouraged the adventurers to bring the plant’s heart to him, plant-Dagur argued that the plant only wanted to eat, grow and survive, accusing Reven of ambition and evil intentions. The priest Snorri, aided by a vision from the Great Elk, stood for the option of giving the plant’s heart to the forest god Rhen-Apa, who would protect and nurture it. Together it was decided that Reven was not worthy of trust, and so they gave him to the wulvers who quickly ripped him apart in revenge for their friend Dagur.

A shadow theumite by the name of Zalmana arrived at the house. She was wounded and fleeing the doomravens. The caravan’s members who were nearby healed her and listened to her tale of the doomraven’s magical mirror, the shards of which Zalmana had stolen and hidden all over the borderlands with the help of her companions.

When the sun set and the forest was covered in twilight, an ominous sound could be heard. It was the screech of ravens. Soon enough the company’s fears were realised - Nashur, the dread mage of the doomravens had come for Zalmana. He promised to leave the others alone if Zalmana was given to him. The noble adventurers refused and soon enough the battle against shadow beings raged. They were defeated, but Nashur had seized Zalmana in the chaos and fled.

After recovering from the fight, some caravan members led by priest Snorri prepared to return to the plant, to entrust its heart to Rhen-Apa. After the ceremony the elk-headed emissary of Rhen-Apa appeared to accept the heart and bless all helpers. At the same time, others led by the Imperial warrior Leona restored Terhent’s altar by reenacting the battle of Saint Nikephora against Strano’s moroia. They were visited by Terhent’s emissary, who blessed all those who wished for it.

As the adventurers gathered once more at the house, they were allowed a brief respite before caravan leader Lara called the carriages for them. The arrival left a mark on the forest, but the road was awaiting and it was time to move towards their next destination.

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