Caravan I: Beginning

The port town of Aren is always full of people. It is easy to get lost in here and even easier to lose your wallet.

It is early autumn, the evenings are still warm.

Were you taking a proper caravan, you would need to go to the travel office during the day to buy yourself a place. Caravans are popular, even when you will be traveling in winter when you go with them.

You have a different target. To join the secret caravan you must first find the Beautiful Moon taverna. In the middle of all this noise it is hard to find, seems to be a place hidden well. Finally you find a worn green door on a side alley and pull it open.

The night is filled with lively music and warm air, the taverna is full despite being off the main streets.

You enter to the following sight: barkeeps working behind the counter, nearly every seat taken. A shiny full moon hangs from the ceiling. The source of the music is a trio of bards who charming all they can out of their instruments. Here and there you can notice a few card games, and in a darker corner two suspicious people are exchanging money and something else that is quietly tucked into a jacket.

Are there others here who wish to join the caravan? When you watch the crowd, there does not seem to be anyone else who looks like a caravan traveler. You make your way to the counter and order an “Autumn Yellow” after waiting, just like written in the directions.

The drink is small, yellow and very bitter. From under the glass you find a folded paper.

Looking for the caravan?

You will find it tomorrow in Eres Forest.

Happy searching!


The first game of our larp series - Caravan I: Beginning.


23-24 september. The game itself will run from Saturday noon to late evening.


In a summer cottage near Türi, Estonia. Coordinates here.


You may pre-register with our registration form. You will be registered when you have paid for the event. There are 20-30 player spots.

Registration for PCs and NPCs both is open until September 4th.

Here for a longer explanation for registering.

Ticket prices

Payment deadline is September 4th. We will not be returning the payment after the passing of the deadlines.

If you want to pay in installments or later, please contact the gamemasters about it.

We also offer two sponsored spots right now. Please register before August 21st if you want a sponsored spot. On August 21st we will raffle as many spots as are available between all the people who wish a spot.

What will I get for this?

A house to sleep in, 2-3 hot meals on the game day and other food and drinks during the game. In addition to that lovely NPCs and props. Note that while our larp series is about a caravan, the larp itself will contain as little or as much walking as you personally want. The caravan travels between the events.


Bring your own sleeping bags and mats since there are very few mattresses. You may also sleep in a tent if you wish. There is washing available after the game and we have a very small sauna.

We will have food available for the entire event, also for those who arrive on Friday and leave Sunday. There are three meals on Saturday - breakfast, lunch and dinner. Snacks and drinks will be available for the whole game. We will take your allergies and food restrictions into account. Pakume süüa terve ürituse jooksul, ka reedel tulijatele ja pühapäeval lahkujatele.


All game materials will be provided in Estonian and English. Depending on the amount of English-speaking participants, we will play the whole larp or parts of it in English. In the second case, a translator will be made available for you.

What happened?

Strange things happened on a nice summer day. Those who wished to join the Caravan had to fight bandits and find rarely walked paths. At the meeting place they found a woman who kept a little tavern, but nobody from the Caravan itself.

The next arrivals were Imperial border agents who gave out border passes and performed medical tests, as there were rumors of a plague outbreak nearby. Freelanders came as well. A group from somewhat far away was searching for their relative, whose fate became clear soon enough - she and the theumites she had been leading had died gruesomely. The adventurers found only their remains and a closing portal.

Finally the Caravan’s representative arrived, and everybody got busy filling out forms and signing papers to join up as that was why they had come. Meanwhile they also searched the forest - full of plants and other things, and had a battle or two.

As the evening fell, mysterious shades troubled the group. They were hard to defeat. At least the leader of the Caravan’ and her companion made it out of the forest after many struggles. The last surprise of the evening was that the tavern keeper had been possessed by another shade, which the adventurers readily killed.

The new arrivals were led to the Caravan in the dark of the night and set up in their chosen wagons. The journey north continued in the morning…